Fitness and nutrition are part of the whole health equation. Do you know the others?

Excellent tips on living an overall healthy life

Art of Being Fabulous

Walk Toronto Walking outdoors incorporates a few of the components to whole health.

I pay a lot of attention to what I feel makes me healthy; working out, eating right (except for chicken wings) and trying to step away from things, or people, that give me too much stress. Am I doing enough? Not fully; because I’m not always focusing on my overall health, or whole health.

The basic principle of a whole health approach is that your optimal health results from a balance in the physical, mental, environmental, spiritual, and social aspects of your life.

When I first learned about it, I never factored in a couple of them. But they’re all important.

Here’s a little more detail and why each one matters.

Physical health

St Lucia Gym Working out in the resort gym in St. Lucia four years ago.

To improve your physical health, you want to reach your peak energy and vitality levels…

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