A Q&A on ways to keep healthy when you travel

Excellent healthy travel tips from 2 perspectives

Art of Being Fabulous

Surfing Surfing in San Diego

Samantha and I decided to write a joint post today to give different health tip perspectives when you travel. We’ve had unique experiences, but also some similarities with how we keep healthy on the road. I’ve never been really sick when I’ve traveled, fortunately, but she has, so her experience in that area is valuable. She also has some food allergies, so watching what she eats is key. We decided to do an interview-style post, and Sam’s best friend Carrie asked the questions.


Carisma Sam and Carrie

Question: What kinds of things do you look for when you have to eat out so often?

Aldo: I research ahead of time to see what the healthiest options are where I am going. When I get to any location, I try to structure my day to make breakfast, pack lunch, and go out for dinner so I can explore the…

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