Must-see destinations in May

Some really beautiful places to see in May

Art of Being Fabulous

Malta - Popeye Village Popeye Village, Malta (From the movie set!)

May is a great month to vacation, although it does start to get busier again towards the end of the month. Prices will still be lower and fewer tourists than June to September in most places. I wrote posts about the best places to visit in March and April. These are still good in May too.

I’m only going to focus on three that I thought stood out during the month. If you’ve read my other posts, I usually include two cost saving tip reminders.

Two weeks is the sweet spot: When not fully booked, airlines, hotels, and cruise ships often offer huge discounts two weeks before the travel date.

Be flexible: The time of day and the day of the week you travel can have a huge impact on costs either higher or lower.

Some places to visit in May


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