Awesome DIY Mother’s Day gifts sure to melt her heart

Great homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Art of Being Fabulous

love sign distillery Love sculpture in the Distillery District in Toronto

Even if you’ve already picked up something for Mother’s Day, you may want to supplement it with something personally made by you. I used to be the Queen of the DIY gift. Time became an issue, and I started buying gifts. But I’m back to carving out some time to make things again because they’re so personal, and some don’t have to take a lot of time or skill. I’m personally much more adept at artsy computer things than I am other crafts, so I tend to make cards, calendars, books or photo collages. But I do some others too.

the art of being fabulous_cover The Art of Being Fabulous started out as a book of inspirational quotes I wrote for my niece and then evolved eventually into this blog!

Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day that I’ve used in the past, or will be using…

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