Looking to travel soon? Do these things before you go.

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Art of Being Fabulous

Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto. Photo from my trip last summer.

We’re heading into some of the busiest travel months of the year. You don’t want to get caught forgetting something important or scrambling at the last minute to get stuff done. There are a lot of things you can line up before you go to have a smoother trip. I’ve learned from experience.

I’ve put together my personal checklist. Some of these seem very basic, but when you’re getting ready to go away, you’d be surprised at what might slip your mind.

Personal things to do

Rockhouse Hotel Negril Jamaica Rockhouse Hotel, Negril Jamaica. Photo from my trip three years ago.

Double check when your passport expires. Some countries may not allow you in if your passport expires within three months of your date of return home.  Jamaica is an example of one that may not depending on some factors. Get it renewed before traveling…

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