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Art of Being Fabulous

Amsterdam Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Sometimes all you have time for is a quick trip. It’s also good to help you recharge. You can make use of any long weekends you may get through statutory holidays, or by taking a couple of days off of work.

There are some trips you can do in three or four days that can energize you.

My main tip when you’re going away for a short time: Stay away from places that are in a different time zone. It’s not enough time to adjust, and you’ll feel tired when you get back.

These suggestions work if you want to travel alone, or with one or a couple more people. I’ve left out all-inclusive resorts and staycations because I’ve written about them in a few posts.

For all suggestions, Google or check Groupon and LivingSocial for any deals.

Learning adventures

Return to nature

Almeria, Spain In Almeria, Spain last year

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